​Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section is designed to provide you with detailed insights and answers, making your photo booth rental experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

What’s the FunShots Booth like?

Our photo booth rental has an open air setup which means there are no walls. This allows for more people to be in the photos and also allows for us to set up fashion studio lighting. In order for us to service your event, we must be indoors or if it’s outside, we need to have a covered area with access to a power outlet. A minimum space of 6’x9′ is required for the photo booth. Please see the video below so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Do the photos print out immediately?

Yes, the photos begin printing right after your pictures are taken. ​

How do the photo prints look?

Yes, you can see our options by clicking the button below. You can also order a custom backdrop with any print you want on it.

Simple Template

Designed Template

What is the quality and size of the pictures being

The individual images on the prints will be 2784 x 1856 pixels. This is large enough to print the photos at a size of up to 11″x14″, that’s a large print :).​​

Do I receive digital files?

As long as we have Wi-Fi, guests can instantly access the photos that print out via our Photo Sharing Station. In addition, the prints can have a link on them showing where guests can access the photos. The files will include the customized photos (the photo strips or 4×6 postcard), GIFs (if you selected Pro Booth), as well as each individual photo within the photo strip or 4×6 postcard photo. We can also just send you the link instead of having it on the prints. You will choose this option after you book.

What’s the minimum space needed?

6 feet by 9 feet

What are Filter Prints?

Filter prints allow guests to print their photo strips in either color or other looks such as Black and White, Sepia, Vintage, etc. All the digital photos will still be in color, the filter only applies to the prints the guest receives.

What are Animated GIFs (Motion Photos)?

Animated GIFs are photos that are combined to create a mini-movie without sound. See an example below. These can be shared just like you would an individual photo. An example is shown below:

What layout options can I choose from for my prints?

To see our Simple Template Options, click here. To see our Designed Template Options, click here.

Are props available or should we purchase them

All props are included free-of-charge with each package and are 100% felt which means no glare from the flash and just overall better quality stick props. Below are some of our stick props.

100% Premium Felt Stick Props + Wearable Glasses

​Can I instantly share my photos at the event?

Yes, with our Photo Sharing Station. You can choose from email, text message, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sharing options (as the client who books the event, you can disable any method you prefer). All photos will be accessible online as well. The the link will print on the strip (we can also send you the link as the client if you don’t want the photos on the website).

Is FunShots Booth insured?

Yes, FunShots Booth has $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage.​

Will there be an attendant onsite?

Yes but only for the Pro Booth. The Selfie Booth does have an attendant who sets up everything but they do not stay during the event. If you select Pro Booth, an onsite attendant is always present and is there to make sure everything is going smoothly.

​How early will the attendant arrive to setup?

Arrival time will be between one and one and a half hours before the designated start time.

Still more questions?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our photo booth service! We’re here to help and ensure your event is a memorable one. Your inquiries are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information. We look forward to assisting you in capturing moments that last a lifetime!